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Athletic Based Fitness Training

(For Adults)

  • If you are years beyond what you would consider your "prime" but desire to move pain-free, have energy, live a more active lifestyle & be the athlete you once were...

  • If you've lacked direction on an exercise plan & the accountability to carry one out...

Athletic Based Fitness Training IS FOR YOU!

We understand the frustration of wanting change but not knowing where to begin.  Backed by 20 years of experience in the field of fitness & human performance, we have created a progressive environment to help individuals reach their unique potential.

The Adult Athletic Based Fitness Training Program provides a modified version of our sports performance program, tailored to the needs of the adult training individual. The goal is to help people move well, increase strength & athleticism, and gain confidence in the way they look & feel.  

Most importantly...this is about you running your own race.  Our culture supports those who are getting off the couch for the first time in years, others who are already active but wanting to take it up a notch & everyone in between who's looking to get more fit & athletic.  We adapt the plan to fit your needs.  And we encourage PROGRESS...not perfection!


  • Addressing common trouble spots for most working adults: weak core, low back pain, tight hips

  • Training functional movement patterns to alleviate aches & pains while promoting a more active lifestyle

  • Focusing on quick twitch strength, which is commonly lost with age

  • Incorporating a system of training that elevates metabolism & increases fat loss

  • Utilizing an approach to resistance training that promotes muscle growth & efficient workouts


**Please note that registration closes 30 minutes prior to each class**

Class Descriptions

5-Star: for the all-around athlete

Our most comprehensive class that addresses 5 variables of athleticism and fitness - Movement Quality, Power, Speed, Strength, & Conditioning - in a 45 minute session

Force: for the strength builders

More focused session than the 5-Star class, with a warm-up (movement quality) followed by dedicated total body strength training to produce more force - in a 45 minute session 

Tempo: for those wanting to look their best

This fast-paced 30-minute class provides benefits of the other classes but focuses more on aesthetics & looking like an athlete by repackaging exercises from the 5-Star class into an interval-based workout that is designed to build muscle & burn fat

**Classes currently being offered on M, W, & F mornings @ 5:45**

Membership and Class Packages

**Your First Week is ALWAYS FREE!**

**NEW** - Family Discount!:

  • Family members include kids in Sports Performance Training & adults in Adult  Training: 2 family members = 20% off; 3 family members = 30% off; 4 family members = 40% off; 5 family members = 50% off

  • Please contact brian@game7traininghsv.com for direction on setting up family memberships

1 Month NO Contract: $137 for a single month includes:

  • Unlimited access to classes for one month

  • At the end of the month you may repurchase this option or choose another option that best suits your needs.

  • Purchase 1 month with no contract HERE

  • Access to register for weekly training classes is provided through membership account

8-Class/Month Package: $107

  • Access to 8 classes per month based on the date of registration

  • At the end of your month you may repurchase this option or choose another option that best suits your needs.

  • Purchase 8-class package HERE

  • Access to register for weekly training classes is provided through class package account

Fine Print.

  • Class reservations will close 30 min prior to class beginning

  • There will be periodic breaks in the class schedule around seasonal holidays 


  • CLASS CANCELLATIONS - An early class cancel is appreciated by us and by the people on a wait list… especially early in the morning!  We require a 3 hour window of time for early cancellation to avoid a fee, but we understand that unexpected scheduling conflicts can occur.  Help us keep our rates low by canceling as early as possible; but if life throws you a curve ball, contact us and we can handle things case by case.

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